The Basics

In a nutshell

Small groups – We form groups of maximum 4 students allowing for oral practice and more individual attention from the teacher. We provide more than just an illusion of learning.
Personal interviews for needs and language skills assessment – Is there any other way? We create homogenious groups using a scalpel not a shovel.
We teach languages not books! – A book may be important if it complements and not replaces teacher-student interaction. We do not measure progress in pages or the number of units completed.
We strive for knowledge not for passing exams! – „Come on, let’s test again!” is not a motto of ours. Passing an exam is the by-product of our courses and not the Holy Grail.
Languages! Limited choices avaliable! – We assure quality by teaching only a few languages. Handling dozens of languages merely to diversify would degrade our role to that of a teaching agency.
Nurturing – Our teachers not only to have a strong command of the language and teaching skills but guide students throughout the learning process with a systematic, caring approach.
Pocket teacher - Besides teaching, as "language factotums" our instructors lend a helping hand to their students (even out-of-class). They assist with everyday challenges at work that extend beyond their language competence (presentations, publications, translation, etc.).
Lasting bonds – We have strong trust with our corporate clients. We become an internal specialist rather than just a service provider - an assisting arm to help HR make decisions which benefit both employers and employees. We reduce HR burdens by not only completing assignments but also helping to work them out.
Diverse clientele – Experience gained via working in a variety of business fields makes up a database to help teachers to feel at „home” and tailor the training.