The custodians

Our colleagues must meet three criteria:

 1. Possession of the language – Not a walking dictionary but an authentic and reliable source for the student

2. Ability to teach – Ability innate and/or acquired through teaching to hand down knowledge

Meeting Criteria 1 and 2 may result in a good class with useful and interesting material, however failing to meet criterion 3 makes this just an illusion of progress. Without a systematic approach and cohesive lessons, ’teaching’ is merely about surviving a class.

 3. Caring spirit  For achievements we need to be mentors not just lecturers, attentive to our student as a learner, a private person and a professional.


A teacher’s degree is not a must neither a guarantee for success.

Those who stick to Headway-based mass teaching, the magic triangle of ’more lesson-more money-less preparation’ and respond with a unit number to a question on progress, please, apply to teaching positions somewhere else.