Varied and spiced up

Our courses are defined by our students’ needs and the feasibility of meeting those needs at a professional level. We are commited to avoid disappointment, failure and loss of enthusiasm due to wrongly set conditions. Details below may help.


We think in terms of goals to reach and not a course to finish or books to complete. Courses of 60 or whatever lessons are just numerical parts of our contracts.


We recommend once-weekly courses to keep what you have achieved and twice-weekly courses to progress. Attending a course of higher intensity may pose a challenge and recommended primarily to accomplish short-term goals, e.g. gaining extra boost during holiday; preparation for exam, a trip abroad, or a job interview


Comprehensive courses:

General courses for earthly creatures

Work language for office people

Exam preparation for the poor ones in need


Special courses:

Levitation to avoid hesitation – maintaining your verbal skills

Enema – structured grammar infusion (I am just joking. Pouring grammar without conversational practice is just a waste of time and money.)

Betty Botter – improving your pronunciation

It’s alwrite! – refining your writing skills

Ah, ah, ah, ah saying alive – enhancing your presentation skills

Microprofessor – assistance in writing scientific publications, theses; proofreading

as well as haircut and other day surgeries