Who we are?

Some balls are oval.

Dear Visitor,
As balls are associated with a certain shape language schools also have a typical image. This is what we would like to change radically in a way that will always make us proud of our job and help us earn lots of money on a regular basis.
When Words Come Easy Language School was established we commited ourselves to weed out every single dogma, false belief and marketing bubble that hinders success in learning a language. Our objective was to develop a professional community that maximizes benefit from the limited resources of students and decision makers
We would like to be the terminus and not another stop. Our attitude to teaching and organizing is supposed to revitalize disappointed students and HR experts.
In other segments of our homepage you will see what I mean by this credo and hopefully, you will soon experience it first-hand either as a student, HR specialist or teacher.
Looking forward to meeting you!
Best regards,
Tibor Csörgő